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Microtribodynamics is

The study of tribology (friction, adhesion, wear, and lubrication) and dynamic interaction in miniature systems

Who we are

We are a research group called Microtribodyanmics (MTDL) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our group studies nano-, micro-, and macro- tribology in various applications.

Our research interests are quite diverse. They range from practical tribological problems in compressor application to nano- tribology for Head-Disk Interfaces (HDI's) in magnetic storage.


Schematic of a typical Head-Disk Interface Ultra-High Pressure Tribometer (capable of testing up to environmental chamber pressures of 2000 psi)

µTDL AnnouncementS

4. Mr. Surya Mishra graduated with his M.S. and took a position with Intel

3. Ms. Sujana Chandrasekar graduated with her MS degree and took a  position at GE Global Research, Bangalore, India

2. Dr. Emerson Escobar Nunez graduated with his Ph.D. and took a faculty position at Universidad Autonoma de Occidente, Cali-Valle, Colombia

1. "20 Minutes" interview with Andreas Polycarpou

The May 2007 issue of Tribology & Lubrication Technology magazine featured an interview with Andreas Polycarpou. The "20 Minutes" interview provides a closer look at the associate professor's dedication to his profession, his love for teaching, and his thoughts on mentoring the next generation of engineers.
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